On June 18, a solemn closing ceremony of the International Youth Forum "Water and World Heritage" of the 36th session of the UNESCO Committee took place in the All-Russian Child Centre "Orlyonok"

"Orlyonok" Children Addressed the UNESCO World Heritage Committee

On June 18, a solemn closing ceremony of the International Youth Forum "Water and World Heritage" of the 36th session of the UNESCO Committee took place in the All-Russian Child Centre "Orlyonok".

An initiative group was working on the Forum during all the session, preparing the Appeal of the participants of the International Forum "Water and World Heritage" to the participants of the 36th session of the World Heritage Committee which is going to take place in Saint Petersburg from June 24 to July 6, as well as to the participants of the Forum "Youth Model of the World Heritage Committee" which is going to take place in the city of Kazan from July 1 to July 9.  

This document says: "We are still only children, but the life of the Planet depends on us as well. We can do so that our voices were heard in the cities where we live and in other countries. We are still young, but we already must think about the mark we are going to leave behind on the Earth. The Forum motto "Start with yourself and the world will change for the better" must become the motto of all the non-indifferent people of our Planet".  

Besides, the suggestions concerning the improvement of the ecological situation, water resources purification, conservation and rescue of the World heritage sites, are gathered in the Appeal. 

UNESCO experts, Russian and international specialists in ecology, hydrology, ecological policy, studies and conservation of the cultural and natural heritage, worked with the children in the Forum. Numerous master classes, webinars and trainings provided the teenagers with detailed information on UNESCO structure and activity, on World heritage cultural and natural sites, as well as on modern ecological situation and practical actions on its improvement.  

Delegations from various countries and cities represented the culture and nature of their regions, discussed the ecological situation, exchanged with experience of solving ecological problems, holding specific actions and researches. 

During the session the Forum participants took an educational course "Life of the Black Sea", went to a two-day educational and research walking trip in the area of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, visited in the framework of specific tours the hero-town of Novorossiysk and the mineral water bottling factory in Goryachy Kluch, took part in the intellectual quest game and created project works to pass the obtained experience to the Orlyonok children of the whole Centre.  

"Work with youth is one of UNESCO's main lines of activity. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of Water and Cultural Heritage session. Today active and intelligent children from the CIS countries and Baltic States gathered together in our wonderful camp, and in the future we perhaps will attract participants from Central and Eastern Europe, since the teenagers who are not indifferent to the destiny of our Planet and its heritage tomorrow will be on the international agenda. It is at the age of 13-15 when the life concept is formed. And if the youth study since the early age the principles of the correct attitude to the reality, to the Earth ecology, when they start making serious decisions, the world will become lighter, and the water will become more pure" – noticed Amir Bilyalitdinov, Deputy Executive Secretary of the UNESCO RF Commission.

All-Russian Child Centre "Orlyonok" is a Federal State Educational Institution for children and teenagers of the age of 11-16.

"Orlyonok" started in July 1960, being a tent camp which placed its tents near the very sea. Now it consists of seven child camps. Four of them are the following: "Stremitelny" (Sweepy), "Zvezdny" (Starry), "Shtormovoy" (Stormy) and "Solnechny" (Sunny) operate all year round, "Komsomolsky" (Komsomol), "Olimpiysky" (Olympic) and "Dozorny" (Patrol) operate during the summer. Author and specific pedagogical programmes of the federal and regional level are held in every camp. Throughout the year "Orlyonok" receive more than 20 thousand children from all the regions of the Russian Federation, as well as from the countries within the former Soviet Union and beyond.  Two thousand seven hundred children can have a rest simultaneously in the Centre in summer, and a thousand of them can have a rest there in winter.  

In 2012 the status of UNESCO Associated School was assigned to the All-Russian Child Centre.                                                                                                                

Please, consult Daria Volosova (tel.: (86167) 91-5-43, 8(929)826-80-82, e-mail: press@orlyonok.ru), press office specialist of the All-Russian Child Centre "Orlyonok", for the additional information.


UNESCO Associated SchoolsProject has existed since 1953. Today more than 9000 educational institutions from 180 countries of the world take part in it. In 2013 the project will celebrate its 60th anniversary. The organizations and institutions taking part in the project, work in the following directions:

-International problems and UNO role
- education for stable development,
- peace and human rights,
- various cultures studies.

In the Russian Federation more than two hundred associated schools in various regions of the country work in the UNESCO Associated Schools Project.

Main purposes of the project in the RF are the following:

-studying, introducing and distributing positive experience in the system of education and child guidance;

-creating conditions for creative and scientific development of teachers in educational institutions forming part of the UNESCO associated schools system;

-intercultural communication development and contribution to peacebuilding;

-creating extra possibilities for development of international contacts in UNESCO schools.

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