Declaration of UNESCO World Heritage Committee on destruction of monuments in Timbuktu (Mali), inscribed on the List of World Heritage in danger

ast week we accepted the request of Mali to inscribe Timbuktu on the list of World Heritage in Danger.

In return Islamic fighting groups destroyed three sacred tombs by pick-axes.

Islamists announced that for them this action was only beginning of total destruction of Timbuktu. We, ambassadors of UNESKO, who are in Saint-Petersburg on the occasion of 40th anniversary of Convention for the protection of world cultural and natural heritage, want to make a solemn declaration about the importance of these tragic events.

Remember the statues of Buddha in Bamyan!

For the moment this is one of the most ancient African temples which is disappearing. We consider this action to be a crime against history.

We, ambassadors of UNESCO, with the Minister of culture of Mali call governments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, mass media, all people of goodwill not to allow vandals to wipe out all monuments which are witnesses of important events of the past of Human History.

Photos from the event in high resolution are available in the Archive