Joint Statement of CIS delegation on occasion of the 70th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic war at 28th session of UN Human Rights Council

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Seventy years separate us from the historical Victory in the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945. The 9th of May is a celebration with tears in the eyes and the embodiment of the immortal heroic deed of nations who defended their Fatherland.

This day will forever be a symbol of their self-sacrifice and heroism in the name of protection of freedom and human dignity, the right to choose your fate. Our people made a colossal and decisive contribution to destruction of Nazism and liberation of entire Europe.

World War II brought about unheard of suffering and destruction. It became one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the world. It lasted six and a half years and claimed tens of millions of lives. People of our countries suffered the greatest losses in manpower and equipment.

We mourn all those who died on battlefields, were tortured to death in concentration camps and Nazi torture chambers, and the victims of Holocaust. We are calling for preserving the sacred memories of those who died fighting Nazism. We highly appreciate the courage of people of Europe and the entire world who fought Nazism together with us, and we remember the contribution of our allies in the anti-Hitler coalition to our common Victory.

It is with a growing concern that we are watching the cynical attempts to forget the lessons of the war, to give corrupted moral and legal assessments of its outcome, to equate the victims and the executioners, to taint the cherished memory of the dead, to rehabilitate Nazi criminals and collaborationists, to revive the theories of racial and national supremacy.

We are urging countries and people of the world to decisively counteract attempts of glorifying the Nazi movement, reviving the fascist ideology and disseminating xenophobia and racism.

History taught us the danger of theories of supremacy of one nation over another. We renounce intolerance, discrimination, extremism and hatred based on ethnicity, race and religion. We are determined to combat these threats and decisively denounce any attempts at justifying them.

We are positive that such phenomena should be combatted and resolutely suppressed. We cannot overlook them in favor of political ambitions or immediate interests. This is what the tragic past experience has taught us.

Our common obligation is to prevent new tragedies and make sure the future generations will not encounter threats to peace and security. This is the best way to pay a tribute to those who won the fight for peace, freedom, democracy and human dignity, to commemorate the victims of World War II.

27 March 2015

Source: the Russian Foreign Ministry’s official website