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World Radio Day 2017

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Sputnik News Agency and Radio will be celebrating UNESCO World Radio Day 2017 (13 February 2017) with a 24 hour radio marathon of special programming. The schedule will feature special guests speaking in nine different cities across the globe and spanning all time zones discussing the future of radio broadcasting in the social media age. For one 24 hour period experts from the United Kingdom, the United States, Uruguay, Syria, Iraq, Russia, China, Lebanon, and France will take part in a discussion reaching from pole to pole. The marathon will finish in Paris where a UNESCO representative will appear on Sputnik France to draw some conclusions on the trends effecting global radio today.

Head of Sputnik International Broadcasting, Anton Anisimov, said: "Sputnik invites you to join us for this 24 hour radio extravaganza, as we take forward the discussion about the importance of radio in our modern, global, and multi-polar world. Listeners can join in the discussion online by listening to the broadcast through the Sputnik website and also by engaging with Sputnik’s social media platforms. Before the marathon begins, Sputnik will also be launching a special poll which will ask readers and listeners about the devices they use to listen to radio broadcasting. The results of this poll will be discussed during the marathon."

UNESCO World Radio Day Coordinator, Alison Meston, said: "World Radio Day is a time for the world to unite around the unique opportunities that radio has to offer in supporting dialogue between communities, across borders and cultures. UNESCO is delighted that Sputnik International has taken up the challenge by having multiple radio marathons across the globe."

Broadcasting times for the Sputnik 24 hour radio marathon are as shown below (times are subject to change and are in GMT):

12/02/2017 – United Kingdom (16.00 – 17.00) – United States of America (18.00 – 19.00)

13/02/2017 – Uruguay (2.00 – 3.00) – Syria (4.00-5.00) – Iraq (5.00 – 6.00) – Russia (8.00 – 9.00)– China(11.00 – 11.30) – Lebanon (15.45 – 16.45) – France (17.00- 18.00)