Ecological characteristics: The Reserve is characterized by 11 types of landscape zones with amazing diversity and high level of endemism. 60% of its territory never was under human development. World of invertebrates includes more than 10000 species. In rivers and lakes one species of Cyclostomatous and 24 species of fishes are registered. There are 20 species of creepers, 10 of amphibians, 176 of birds including 82 nesting species. There are 78 species of mammals. Among them is Caucasus bison (Bison bonasus montanus x Bison bison) rehabilitated instead of destroyed in the past Bison bonasus caucasicus. Mean level of faunistic endemism is about 15%. 16 species are included into IUCN Red List. There are about 2900 species of vascular plants and mean level of floristic endemism is about 29%. 16 species are included into IUCN Red List. Also there are more than 1000 species of fungi and about 500 species of lichens.

Declaration date: 1978

Surface area: Total 295700 ha Core area: 247000 ha

Buffer zone: 16200 ha

Transition areas: 32500 ha

Administrative division: Krasnodarski krai, Republic of Adygeya, Republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia

Human activities: The main problem of the Reserve is to save its territorial integrity since the administration of the Republic of Adygeya has some territorial claims. There is also a problem of illegal using of natural resources within the Reserves’ area.

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Contact information: Kavkazskiy Biopshere Reserve, 8, Karl Marx St., Sochi city, Adlerskiy district, Krasnodarski Krai, 354340 Russia. Tel.: +7 862 2 445136; fax: + 7 862 2 445265, E -mail:, web-site: http: