Memorandum of Cooperation between the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO and its Department in the Rostov region

During the meeting and the talks that were held between Alexander Ivanovich Bedrik, Chairman of the Rostov Department of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, Deputy Head of the Rostov Region Administration, and Grigori Eduardovich Ordzhonikidze, Executive Secretary of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, keeping in mind interest in attracting and using the humanitarian potential of the Rostov Region in cooperation between Russia and UNESCO, it was considered appropriate to identify the following as priority areas of cooperation:

engaging education, science and culture specialists of the Rostov region in international conferences and seminars organized by the UNESCO;

encouragement of participation of the Rostov Region research institutes in the activities of the Russian committee for UNESCO international natural sciences programs, particularly on climate, water, environmental issues;

establishment of UNESCO Chairs and branches of UNESCO Chairs under the aegis of higher educational institutions of the Rostov region;

inclusion of the Rostov region schools, particularly those located in rural localities, into UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network through participation in environmental and cultural projects, in particular, the study of the cultural landscape (estate museums, manor, palace complexes), by supporting the Museum pedagogy school movement;

study into the possibility of including the Rostov region cities in the European Coalition of Cities against Racism and Xenophobia with due regard to the regional experience in work on preserving ethnic and confessional stability;

preparation of the nomination “The Archaeological City of Tanais" for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List;

consideration of the possibility of including the second Biosphere Reserve, located in the Rostov region, in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, keeping in mind the expansion of cross-border cooperation with Ukraine in order to preserve the ecosystem of the Azov Sea;

implementation of joint humanitarian projects on the basis of the M.A.Sholokhov State Museum-Reserve;

holding an international folk festival “Commonwealth” under the aegis of the Russian Federation Commission for UNESCO;

organization of the international conference “Reading Problems in the Global Information Society” based on Don State Public Library;

implementation of a joint project aimed at creating a media center for the popularization of the Cossack culture, traditions, everyday life and ceremonies, as well as at strengthening ties with compatriots who live abroad;

inclusion of Anton Chekhov's 150th anniversary in the list of memorable events, in which UNESCO will take part in 2010-2011; organization of festive events dedicated to this anniversary;

engaging masters of national artistic trades in international programs organized by the UNESCO in the cultural field to promote the unique culture samples of the lower Don;

preparation of materials on the Rostov region’s experience in education, science, culture and communication for publication in the Commission’s “Bulletin of UNESCO”;

preparation of the Rostov region presentation in UNESCO Headquarters.