Ecological characteristics: Most of the Reserve territory is located on the western slope of the Ural ridge, the rest being on the main watershed and its eastern slope. Forest is represented by southern dark conifer taiga, sub-virgin forest and secondary forest (the result of earlier felling in the more recently added areas), so providing a good cross-section of the region's forest lands. The climate is moderately continental. The vegetative period is more than 141 days. The average annual precipitation is about 600 mm. The mean annual temperature of the air is 0,9oС. January is the coldest month, July is the warmest one. The height of snow cover can reach 80 - 100 sm. Mountainous-forest soil predominates here. 53% of plant species of the Middle-Urals Chusovskoi botanical region found here and they are under protection together with 76% of western taiga fauna of mammals. In total the species inventory shows 435 species of vascular plants, 443 of fungi, 249 of lichen, 44 of mammals, 180 of birds (this including those within the buffer zone), 4 species of reptiles, 4 of amphibians, 14 of fish and near 1800 of invertebrates.

Declaration date: 2001

Surface area: Total 179606 ha

Core area: 33496 ha

Buffer zone: 46110 ha

Transition areas: 100000 ha

Administrative division: Sverdlovskaya oblast

Human activities: Forest exploitation, poaching and other human activities.

Protection classifications: State nature reserve (Zapovednik)

Contact information: Visimskiy Biosphere Reserve, 23, Stepana Razina St., Kirovgrad town, Sverdlovskaya oblast, 624144 Russia. Tel.: + 7 343 57 33656, fax: + 7 343 57 33656, E-mail: