2. Organizers and Institutors of the Competition

The Institutors of the Competition:

  • State Historical Museum
  • The Society of Friends of Historical Museum

The Competition is held under the auspices of:

  • Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
  • The Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO
  • Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots living Abroad, and International Cultural Cooperation

Under organizational and informational support of:

  • Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation
  • The Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov
  • The Maxim Gorkiy Literature Institute
  • The Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy)
  • The Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I.Surikov
  • The Russian Academy of Arts
  • The Ilya Glasunov’s Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture
  • The Union of the Composers of Russia
  • The Moscow State P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory
  • Moscow House of Photography
  • The scientific publishing house “The Great Russian Encyclopaedia”
  • Russian agency of international information “RIA Novosti”

2.1. To hold the Competition, the Organizing Committee is set up by the Institutors of the Competition.