On the 25th of November, 2011the All-Russian Research and Practice conference “Spiritual and Moral Education of Students in the Transition to New Educational Standards” was held in the Municipal Educational Institution the Samara Gymnasium No.11

The main objectives of the conference were the following:

- Forming the modern strategy of upbringing and education in the context of the urgent problems of spiritual and moral development of students in the implementation of new educational standards.

- Providing the conditions for cooperation of educational institutions, civic institutions, and public authorities in the field of spiritual and moral character education.

The conference was attended by 350 participants from 11 cities of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Saratov, Izhevsk, Togliatti, Bugulma, Neftegorsk, Chapaevsk, and Kinel). The representatives of the educational authorities, publishing house “Prosveshchenie”, carrier development system of education employees, and public organizations, the workers of general education and preschool institutions, psychologists, lecturers, clergy, and parent community addressed the conference.

Six sections worked during the conference:

1. Models and technologies of formation of the spiritual and moral values ​​in the educational process.

2. Experience in implementing the programs of spiritual and moral development in the extracurricular activities.

3. Languages ​​and cultures in the process of spiritual and moral formation of the individual.

4. The UNESCO Associated Schools as a resource for the formation of the civic identity.

5. Educational potential of the joint activities of educational institutions, families and public organizations.

6. Psychological problems of spiritual and moral education and development of children.

87 presentations on the topical areas of spiritual and moral development of students were delivered on the sections. The gymnasium teachers gave the demo lessons and made their reports on the sections. The Members of the Gymnasium Political Club under the guidance of the Chairman of the Regional Branch of the United Nations Association of Russia showed a business game “The Assembly of Peoples of the World.” The live broadcast of the conference plenary session was carried on the gymnasium’s website.

The conference was held at a high content and organizational level.

According to the results of the conference the package of articles and materials will be published. The international index ISBN is assigned to the conference information package. The conference materials are sent to major libraries in Russia and abroad.