Federico MAYOR ZARAGOZA, 1987 - 1999 гг.

(Spain, 1934)

Director-General of UNESCO from November 15, 1987 to November 15, 1999 (two terms).

Well known for his works on medulla metabolism of newborns, the worldwide recognized biochemist and molecular biologist Federico Mayor was rector of the University of Granada (1968-1972), Secretary of State (1970-1976) and Minister of Education and Science (1981-1982), a member of the Spanish (1977) and European (1987) Parliaments. From 1978 to 1984 Mr. Mayor was at first Deputy Adviser and later Adviser to the Director-General of UNESCO.

As member of the Club of Rome and numerous scientific societies, F.Mayor in his many publications critically polemicized on issues of science and public investigations. He belongs to the first who signed the Seville Declaration on Violence (1986).

Understanding and comprehension of main program reforms, focus on stronger, disciplined policy of UNESCO allowed Mayor to propose the Organization a constructive medium-term strategy till the end of the century.

His main contribution to UNESCO development consisted in introducing the culture of peace, freeing from violence and focusing on respect for human rights.