Jaime Torrres BODET, 1948 - 1952 гг.

(Mexico, 1902 - 1974)

Director-General of UNESCO from December10, 1948 to December 01, 1952.

Professor of French Literature, poet, writer and diplomat, Bodet was Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mexico before his election at the 3rd UNESCO's General Conference in 1948 in Beirut. From the date of his participation in the founding conference in London in 1945 he devoted himself entirely to UNESCO’s objects and tasks.

Jaime Torres Bodet, relying on his diplomatic experience and proceeding from the objects of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted in 1948, applied every effort to bring into line interests of the economically less developed member states of the Organization with those of the developed countries. At the 5th General Conference in 1950 in Florence he came out (referring to military budgets) for more substantial increase in national budgets

Bodet wanted to set off a well-balanced program that should be an efficient contribution to consolidation of peace in the whole world against the worsening conflict between East and West. And when at the General Conference in 1952 giant account restrictions were approved, Bodet left post of Director-General.